Optimal DCS Provider


The position of Optimal Industrial Automation as one of the UK’s leading integrators of automation systems has been underlined with the company’s appointment by ABB as approved integrators for the 800XA DCS, Freelance DCS and Compact Product 800 systems. These products bring the ease of use and highly integrated functionality of DCS technology to smaller applications than those normally undertaken using DCS systems.

“As an ABB Automation Solution Provider, we shall be involved in project management and integration of 800XA DCS, Freelance DCS and Compact Product 800 systems, delivering the DCS advantages of faster development, easier support and affordability to many more applications in industries including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, waste-to-energy, environmental and recycling,” said Martin Gadsby, a Director of Optimal. “Adding the range of ABB DCS and PLC products to our integration offer further expands our capability and is an excellent fit as we are already a leading systems integrator in the UK with extensive PLC and DCS experience. Specifically the ABB DCS products – i.e. 800XA and Freelance offer our clients options over and above our normal DCS offer – Simatic PCS7”.

In addition to being one of UK’s premier designers, builders, programmers and installers of DCS PLC, SCADA, MES and vision systems Optimal is also a world leader in data management for PAT (Process Analytical Technology). Optimal has been actively engaged in PAT and has been developing the world leading PAT data management product synTQ® for 12 years with Version 4.0 soon to release. Due to their extensive experience in the implementation of PAT, Optimal is also recognised as being a leading PAT implementation consultant with extensive hands-on experience of real world deployments in all parts of the globe.