In our many years of operation, we at Optimal have automated a vast array of systems and processes, and as a result have a wealth of knowledge in relation to system automation.  We are thus able to automate virtually any process, and in addition we have built up a standard applications ‘library’ where we are able to automate a system using a standard design.  By using such a design the costs of the whole engineering exercise can be significantly reduced, this making the whole exercise very attractive to our clients.  And even if the whole design cannot be used, by using parts of the design wherever possible savings can be made.

 Our Standard Applications include:

  1. Pure Water Distribution Systems
  2. Batching and Blending Systems
  3. Micronisers
  4. Fluidised Bed Dryers
  5. Tablet Coaters
  6. Freeze Dryers
  7. Clean In Place/Steam In Place Systems
  8. Print & Inspect Systems