Batch Process Automation

Batch automation has been a core activity of Optimal for many years, with many batch systems using a variety of control platforms having been implemented.  These often comply with the ISA S88 standard, however this is not always the case, and we are happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of this approach with our client’s on an application by application basis.  Whilst we believe that the standard is an excellent core approach, we are not purists and believe that we should apply it where it provides our clients with tangible benefits and not just lever it in for the sake of it.

For true ISA S88 compliance then it is usually best to use a DCS, however very effective batch systems can also be designed and built around PLC and SCADA based technologies although full ISA S88 compliance then becomes a little more challenging.  We use a wide range of PLC, SCADA and DCS technologies, and would be pleased to investigate the most applicable technology for your application.