Life Science

Blister Machine

We have automated multiple blister machines from various manufacturers using various types of blister material and including tropicalisation.  Some systems included vision systems for blister inspection whist others had OEE installed.  One particular system was in relation to the retrofit automation of a CAM M92 for a leading pharmaceutical client – the driver being in relation to maintenance and validation concerns associated with the existing old control system.  The existing control system was removed and replaced with a Siemens S7 300 PLC together with a text based HMI.  The system used a 3rd party vision system, and the majority of the existing instrumentation was retained.  The change over was executed in the client’s factory by pre-building the new control system onto a purpose built back plate and then doing the change over of the complete back plate on site.  The system was fully validated, and part of our supply was the generation of the complete documentation set and the execution of the testing.

Picomat upgrade