Electrical Services


At Optimal we have a large, fully equipped workshop with trained staff to enable us to build all panels in-house.  This means that the build quality can be more tightly controlled than it would be with an off-site building, and makes system test much more straightforward – not only for us but also for our clients.  The area is large, and allows us to be able to build and test large, fully assembled panel suites, and indeed as the workshop headroom is high we often bring the complete process plant, (machine, batching vessels etc.) into our factory for assembly, installation cabling and testing.  System FAT, (Factory Acceptance Testing) can be executed in the factory, and the environment and space allows such exercises to be carried out in a relatively quiet and pleasant environment.  Panel building normally forms part of a total project that we are executing, however we also offer panel building (either with or without in-house designs) as a separate non-project related activity.  A leading automation vendor uses our build only facilities due to not only the quality of our panel build, but also because we have excellent areas for full panel (and system) FAT testing plus the availability of automation experts close to hand should the need arise.