Case Studies

Chemical Industries

Originally in the form of raw material production for the Pharmaceutical Industry, (primary production), and more latterly in relation to non pharmaceutical related manufacture, we have been involved in the Chemical Industry for over 20 years.  Very often, (but not always), taking the form of batch production, the Chemical Industry makes full use of our design and build skills in relation to ATEX and ESD systems, and the application of PAT technologies has also proved to be very effective.

More recently the desire to improve production efficiency – often on the downstream packaging process has driven OEE projects, and these have proved to be extremely worthwhile with payback times of less than 6 months being quoted to us.

Of all the projects in Chemical Industries that we have executed, the following are listed here:

  1. Reactor Control
  2. Batch Manufacture
  3. Slurry Manufacture
  4. OEE System
  5. Warehousing System