Life Science

CIP/SIP System

Through the years we have automated a very large number of CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP, (Steam in Place) systems both for the food and health care industries.  We have automated systems from simple single use designs through to systems with multiple chemical types and those with recovery systems.  We can either provide just the control system; else in partnership with associate companies we can design and supply a complete CIP/SIP system.  One system that we installed in the past was for a leading pharmaceutical client and was a fully integrated SIP/CIP system for cleaning mobile processing vessels.  This system used a Siemens S7 300 PLC together with an InTouch SCADA system.  The system not only had to control the complete CIP and SIP cycle for the target vessel and log all the salient data, but also had to track which of the vessels had been cleaned, which cleaning cycle had been used and the date of cleaning.  All this data was then used to validate the vessel’s use in production.