About Us

Company Ethos

Despite being an automation-based company, we strongly feel that for many systems the automation equipment used is irrelevant to the project until the requirements are fully defined.  The automation equipment is the enabler for the requirements to be met and should not drive the solution.  It is true to say that one has to always have an eye on the technology to ensure that the evolving requirements are achievable at a reasonable cost, but the technology must not drive the solution.  What is required is a deep mutual understanding as to what functionality is required of the system, which objectives are desirable and which are essential and the determination of the optimum implementation strategy.  We believe that Optimal excels in this area, as we have deep process knowledge and a desire to deliver what the customer requires to the best of our broad ranging abilities.  We most certainly do not want to lever in technologies for the sake of it.

We are have an exceptional team of engineers capable of building on their past experiences to engineer you what is perhaps a unique solution to meet your exacting needs else a more cost effective solution from our range of standard systems.  It is our inventive streak that has enabled us to develop technically challenging solutions that others have walked away from and deploy them successfully to the benefits of our clients.

We are perhaps a unique company in that our specialist industries, our knowledge and our experiences are so wide ranging – from panel build and basic PLC control through to full blown DCS and MES systems, from servo systems, robotics and vision systems through to special purpose machinery.  A huge technology spread – and it doesn’t stop there as we’ve developed world-class products relating to PAT, (Process Analytical Technology) and anti-counterfeiting envied by others – synTQ® and synTI® respectively.

Your requirements delivered using high technology in an efficient, professional and friendly way – the Optimal Way.  It doesn’t get much better!