Optimal shows why next-generation materials need PAT at CPAC Rome Workshop 2019

Optimal Industrial Technologies will sponsor and present at the Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) Rome Workshop 2019. The management and applications team will also discuss how its process analytical technology (PAT) knowledge management platform, synTQ, can support the development and manufacture of innovative sustainable materials, as well as back the shift towards continuous processing.

This activity is aligned with the theme of this year’s workshop "Utilization of New Concepts in Developing Next Generation Materials, as well as Exploring New Reaction Routes that Benefit from the Growing Use of Continuous Flow Technology" 1.

The CPAC Rome Workshop is a renowned forum for academic and industrial experts on processing strategies to develop new, sustainable, bio-based materials with advanced properties. A key topic of the 2019 edition will be the use of process analytical technology (PAT) as a tool for improving the process efficiency of new bio-tech and flow chemistry production applications, and to move from batch to continuous processing.

Optimal, a leading PAT application expert, will show how it is possible to apply well-established PAT methods for the development and production of next-generation materials. Optimal's presentation, taking place on the 27st March from 10:10 to 10:40, and titled "Real Time PAT-Based Knowledge Management and Control in Continuous Processes" 2 will discuss how to implement a PAT strategy, make real-time predictions and leverage PAT to embrace continuous manufacturing techniques.

The presenter, Paul Gillham, Technical Sales Manager at Optimal Industrial Technologies, will also provide insightful real-world examples and practical tips. These will help the audience to understand some of the most critical issues that need to be addressed. Mr Gillham will highlight the importance of using a PAT knowledge manager, such as Optimal’s synTQ, to succeed.

As large volumes of data measuring product quality attributes are collected and analysed in real-time via multivariate data models - a software solution that manages, processes, stores and turns the data into actionable knowledge is fundamental. By informing the operator or via automated functions, the system can adjust the process to improve the output quality. As a result, synTQ can be used holistically to optimise the processes from lab development stages right-through to full production.

By providing an in-depth understanding of the processes, together with the effect of key parameters, and by monitoring and controlling the system in real-time, quality is built into the process rather than tested into the final product. This makes the development of new materials highly effective in terms of time, resource, quality and cost.

Martin Gadsby, Director at Optimal Industrial Technologies, commented: "We are looking forward to attending and presenting at the CPAC Rome Workshop. Especially as the importance of developing and manufacturing sustainable bio-based materials is continually growing. Our software-based enablement platform synTQ is currently used by over half of the top ten global pharmaceutical manufacturing companies so our experience and expertise is in-demand."

By using this solution, manufacturers of innovative materials have access to a proven PAT knowledge management framework that can increase speed of development and production, enhance product quality and reduce running costs. "We encourage anyone who is considering the shift to PAT to attend our presentation at the workshop and talk to us, we can help to refine development and production needs and start to establish an optimum implementation path."

The CPAC Rome Workshop 2019 will take place from 25-27 March at the University of Washington Rome Center, Rome, Italy.

Photo Caption: Optimal Industrial Technologies will sponsor and present at the Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) Rome Workshop 2019

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2 Meeting program