To date the Distributed Control System that we have majored in is PCS7 from Siemens, but we have now also been appointed by ABB as an approved system integrator for their Freelance and 800XA DCS systems.  We are one of a very few number of approved system integrators for PCS7, Freelance and 800XA, and are pleased to have been appointed by both Siemens and ABB to integrate their flagship products.  Through the years we have implemented a large number of installations, indeed our first installation was over 10 years ago using PCS7 Version 4, with that system running the process extremely well over the years.  Systems that we have installed vary from having fairly modest tag counts through to systems with many tens of thousands of tags, with some projects having been integrated by ourselves with an MES to provide a totally integrated solution.  Being very conversant with ISA S88 we can if required design, configure and install a complete batching system to meet your exacting requirements, or if more appropriate we can design a system that is not fully compliant with ISA S88, but is more appropriate and cost effective for your specific application.

Summary of Core DCSs

  1. Siemens PCS7
  2. ABB Freelance
  3. ABB 800XA
Legacy DCS upgrade