Life Science

Medical Device Inspection - Diagnostic Systems

We have executed multiple medical device inspection projects including the inspection of key parameters associated with diagnostic medical devices.  needle inspection, injection moulded device inspection, printing inspection and diagnostic strip critical parameter inspection.  One system was for the inspection of critical dimensions, facets and the correct assembly of a multi component plastic medical device.  Multiple inspections were required down the line, and for this a PC based Cognex vision system was used, this in turn interfacing to synTI® – our regulatory compliant ‘front end’ for vision inspection projects.  The system measured critical dimensions, checked for the presence and alignment of critical parts of the moulding and checked that the assembly machine had located the components in the device correctly.  The system provided real time feedback to the machine to enable the rejection of a faulty item (to prevent the further addition of value) together with real time process improvement data to the operators.