Life Science


Dispensaries take many forms although their core function is always the same.  Some are very simple; handling limited products whist others are far more complex.  Over the years we have automated several systems using a variety of technologies, and we feel strongly that if your implementation is well thought out from the start, the level of automation and cost can be controlled to a modest level.  Having said that, some systems do demand complex systems, and we are more than happy to use these more complex true “MES”, (Manufacturing Execution System) based solutions as necessary.

One system that we implemented very cost effectively and successfully used standard automation technology from Siemens, (S7 PLC & WinCC), together with a client specific application to provide the functionality, 3rd party links, recipes and product selections required.  This was all very much maintainable by ourselves, the client or if needs be a 3rd party.  In normal fashion recipes were operator selectable, (or demanded by a 3rd party system), with ingredient selection being controlled by bar code reader and full interlocking with the weigh station for in and out of tolerance weights.  All resulting sub batches were uniquely bar coded so that they could be tracked around the use and consumed by the process in a controlled way.

Our ability to offer and integrate the PAT Data Management product - synTQ® is very significant for dispensary automation in that this product together with supporting 3rd party systems and analysers enables closed loop control of products in the form of ID verification as well as making critical to quality information available to up stream processing systems – this in turn helping to optimise your process.