Life Science

Fluidised Bed Dryer

Large and small, fully automatic and semi automatic, new build and refurbished, solvent and non solvent based – we’ve automated them all.  Using a range of automation vendor hardware and software, systems have ranged from those with very traditional push button controls through systems with HMI interfaces to those with full-blown Client Server SCADA and even DCS.

One very large system that we installed was for a major blue chip pharmaceutical client, and it involved the upgrade of a legacy control system to a modern DCS.  The controls strategy involved not only the tower automation but also all the batching of the raw materials including dispensary control together with the tracking of raw materials and finished product in IBCs.  This system used a Siemens PCS7 DCS at its heart together in a client server arrangement with 4 clients and the Engineering Station.  It has a fully integrated recipe system and produced batch reports that are used as part of the total batch release documentation set.  By closely working with the client in relation to optimising the efficiency of plant operation we were able to obtain a staggering 50% increase in productivity.

S5 upgrade

Image courtesy of GEA Pharma, Switzerland.