Food & Drink Industries

The first industry sector that Optimal worked in back in 1987 was the food & drink industry, and it has been an important sector for us ever since.  From CIP systems through batch and production processes to packing lines, from tracking systems through to inspection and warehouse systems, there are very few process and packaging operations that we have not automated in all the years in the industry.  Usually using PLC & SCADA systems but occasionally DCS and MES solutions the range of applications is diverse, and we have even produced several special purpose handling machines for performing very specific product functions.  OEE has been an important part of our offer to this industry sector for many years, and of late the requirement for optimising processes and packing operations has become more and more necessary in order to maintain competitive advantage.  And these skills coupled with our knowledge in how to help companies monitor and minimise their energy usage means that we at Optimal present an extremely good proposition to the food and drinks sector.