IFPAC PAT Conference Report 2016

Pharma manufacturing's production revolution continues to gather pace

Optimal officially introduced the new V5.0 version of its market leading synTQ PAT enabling software suite to the US market at the IFPAC 2016 conference in Washington D.C. The company exhibition stand and related conference participation generated strong interest in what is quickly becoming a game changing product for the global drug manufacturing industry - where it is being used to reduce development times and deliver startling increases in productivity.

The synTQ V5.0 software suite is a powerful production management tool which enables both large molecule and small molecule pharmaceutical producers to achieve vastly more efficient batch production as well as continuous production including real time release testing. More than half of the top ten global pharma manufacturing companies are now using synTQ to work within a PAT framework which also has benefits for quality and conformity.

Stormy weather saw the conference postponed by a day and only added to the determination of delegates and presenters alike to meet and share ideas in what has become a very fast moving sector. Optimal Director, Martin Gadsby, presented “The Practical Application of PAT to a Continuous Process Using synTQ” seminar and key user group meetings reported strong interest in the new generation software and results being achieved with synTQ.

"The reaction to the new UI graphics and dashboard features were very positive and the simple upgrade path we have provided for existing users was predictably very well received. We spent a lot of time with the Beta version testing various key aspects such as the MVA model handling, real-time data management engines and the instrumentation interface modules for example; the upshot is a solid, stable product that can be applied to both lab and production equipment to achieve target results quickly. This is something almost everyone we spoke to was really pleased to know.

Confidence is a big part of the adoption process when it comes to changing over to PAT based working. The fact that we now have so many systems up and running delivering really significant benefits means that the rewards for investing is much more tangible. The case studies presented from synTQ users such as Vertex, Janssen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lilly, Sun Pharma, Rutgers and others just served to underline the fact that anyone who is not considering a move in this direction is likely to be missing out on a significant competitive advantage.

We have seen production times reduced from months to minutes using this software and technology so the impact on production capacity and costs can’t be overstated. Anyone interested in achieving continuous production, improved batch production, faster development, faster transfer from lab to medium and large scale production and the real-time release of manufactured food and pharma products should be considering it and this is borne out by how busy we were at the USA conference.

If you didn’t catch the synTQ V5.0 release or Optimal representatives at this show, Optimal are planning to attend other events around the world during 2016, there is also a dedicated website at where you can find out more."


For those not already aware of its significance; Process Analytical Technology is one of the most exciting and important advanced technology areas of the life-science, food and pharmaceutical industry today and a large reason why the IFPAC conferences are always popular. Process Analytical Technology (PAT), QbD, Process Understanding & Control, and Real-Time Analytics all play a part in both peer discussions, seminars and user groups at the events. Participants include regulators, manufacturers, researchers and industry users from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, chemical, petrochemical, food, and related industries.