Increase Turnover

At the risk of stating the obvious, the way in which a business’s turnover can be improved is by:

  1. Increasing the rate of production, either of the same products else with new products.  This obviously presupposes that more products can be sold.  The automation technologies that can help you in this area are Automation, Data Historian, Workflow, Tracking, Electronic Batch Records, OEE & PAT
  2. Increase the selling cost of your product.  However this can rarely be done without losing market share unless you can increase the perceived value - such as quality.  The automation technologies that can help you improve quality are Machine Vision & PAT

In order to implement any or all of these target areas a systematic approach is required together with a commitment to act.  No matter whether your business improvement system is paper based, automation based or a combination of both, there has to be a will within your company to turn the gathered data into useful information and then act on it.  Unless there is going to be commitment to act then any business improvement system will be to no avail, and the business improvement act itself will be a waste of time and money.  We would suggest that in these days of extreme competitiveness all businesses have to run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, and so we believe that companies should consider their approach, and then strategically work towards their end goal with each step improving their business and profitability.

To expand your specific opportunities in any of these areas please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.