Software + Hardware

synTI for Integrated Product Inspection

synTI® is a product developed by Optimal specifically for the integration of disparate inspection systems and printing systems on a packaging line –often in a regulated environment.  Usually, (but not always), clients need to print batch/lot information on a product or carton together with a bard code or 2D code.  They may then need to verify that the printed information is correct, read or write to an RFID tag and perhaps weigh the product.  synTI® is designed as the framework into which all of these different devices connect, and by either remotely selecting a pre-configured product and populating the dynamic data by downloading from a central system - else by the operator selecting the product from a pull down list and entering the information just once, then synTI® automatically configures all the equipment relevant to that specific product so that the line can then be simply started.  synTI then collects and stores all the information from the inspection devices in real time and logs this data to its database.  On batch completion the information can, if required, be printed to a report, this report also being stored on the PC.

The most common application is a single printer and a single camera, however we have supplied multi printer and camera systems, and provided that your inspection device has a serial connection then we can interface to it and exchange data.

Systems can be integrated into your existing production line, else we can supply a completely separate machine for carrying out your inspection and verification actions – please see the iPass® product information in this section.