Electrical Services


Using either our own in house staff, or contract staff as required, we offer a full electrical installation service.  And this service is not limited to just the UK.  Whilst an overseas installation can usually be executed more cost effectively by a local installer, due to the installation complexities we have often executed the complete installation exercises overseas – as far as South America!  Where local installation labour is possible and more cost effective then we can either directly employ the local personnel on contract else they may be employed by our client, and we can if required send engineers to manage the 3rd party installation team.  Our designs cover the full electrical installation exercise, and we nominate a site lead engineer to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.  Having worked in the Life Sciences and Nuclear industries we are familiar with the very specific needs of installations in such industries – both from the point of view of the product being protected from the installer and the health & safety or the installer being ensured.  Our installation services normally form part of a total project that we are executing, however we also offer installation services (either with or without in-house designs) as a separate non-project related activity, and this service has been used to good effect by our clients many times in the past.