Integrating inspection

Optimal’s synTI software provides the answer to rapid and secure production line configuration

synTI has been developed by Optimal to facilitate the integration and configuration of a wide range of production devices in a standard way, including regulated environments.

Packaging and printing lines may require configuration of Vision Systems, Printers, Labellers, CheckWeighers , and other devices with validated or approved settings for each product type.

synTI is a 21CFR pt 11 compliant system facilitating the rapid changeover of products, error free device setup, and generation of an audit trail of user actions on the line.

synTI is designed as a modular framework to manage production devices, products, batches and users. Integration with central factory systems is a key function, further automating the manufacturing setup process.

The addition of devices from various manufactures, or the integration with serialisation or other data from a custom source is therefore a question of an adapter being added onto the framework. Lot codes, expiry date, serialisation data, barcodes and other batch information is sent to the line equipment at start of batch.

During production inspection results, images and measured data may be stored in a database and at the end of a batch reports may be generated, and delivered dynamically to a supervisory control or management system.

For non-regulated environments the benefits include centralised control of changeover, and historical records of production data.

Achieving serialisation...

Usually, (but not always), clients need to print batch/lot information, or serialised individual product codes on a product or carton together with a bar code or 2D code. They may then need to verify that the printed information is correct, read or write to an RFID tag and perhaps weigh the product.

synTI® is designed as the framework into which all of these different devices connect, and by either remotely selecting a pre-configured product and populating the dynamic data by downloading from a central system or by the operator selecting the product from an options list. Then synTI® can automatically configure all the equipment relevant to that specific product so that the line can simply be started.

After scanning or imaging the product synTI can collect and store all the information from the inspection devices in real time and log this data to its database. On batch completion the information can, if required, be printed to a report that is stored locally or delivered dynamically to a supervisory control or management system.