Software + Hardware

iPass for Print & Inspection

The iPass®, (integrated Print assurance) machine is a carton print and inspection machine for packaging lines.  The iPass® prints your required text on each carton, and it then verifies that the correct print has been applied to 100% of cartons and ejects any failures – all of this at high speed.  The iPass® operator interface is user friendly and facilitates centralised and error free loading of print and inspection variable data – all of this in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.  As well as human readable codes, the iPass is also capable of printing and verifying both bar codes and 2D codes such as Datamatrix.  The unit is very compact at only just over a metre in length, and can be fully integrated into an existing packing line and interfaced to upstream and downstream machines.

The operator interface and ‘engine’ used by the iPass® machine is Optimal’s own 21 CFR Part 11 compliant machine inspection software package – synTI®.  This package enables the integration of disparate devices such as printers, vision systems, RFID readers & writers, checkweighers plus other devices.  All real time functions on the machine are handled by synTI®, and the software can be configured for an almost limitless number of products.