Case Studies

Life Science Industries

The Life Sciences Industry has been a key industry sector for us for over 20 years, and so our experiences in this industry are difficult to equal let alone better.  It is fair to say that there are very few processes or discrete operations within the Life Sciences Industries that we have not automated or interfaced to.  Within our business, besides all the automation skills we have all the personnel, procedures and infrastructure necessary to enable the delivery of fully documented and validated system solutions.  When this regulatory compliance capability is mixed in with our ability to save you manufacturing costs either in terms of OEE, PAT or energy usage, then our offer is compelling.

Of all the projects in Life Sciences Industries that we have executed, the following are listed here:

  1. Pure Water/Water for Injection System
  2. Dispensary
  3. Batching Plant
  4. Microniser
  5. Fluidised Bed Dryer
  6. Tablet Coater
  7. Freeze Dryer
  8. Fermenter
  9. CIP/SIP System
  10. Blister Machine
  11. Print & Inspect System
  12. Packing Machine
  13. Tracking System
  14. OEE System
  15. Process Optimisation
  16. Process Analytical Technology - Generic
  17. Development with PAT
  18. API Production with PAT
  19. FBD Control with PAT
  20. Medical Device Inspection – Plastic Mouldings
  21. Medical Device Inspection – Needles
  22. Medical Device Inspection – Diagnostic Systems
  23. Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)