Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a significant part of our business and we excel in this area as to produce successful machine vision systems, you not only need the skill base but also the innovative flare shown by Optimal employees.  Most projects are one-offs where historic experience is critical to the project’s success - sometimes a very subtle change can make a dramatic effect on the solution.  Machine vision takes us to into all industry sectors, although our familiarity with highly regulated industries gives us very specific strengths in the Life sciences and Nuclear power industry sectors.

Vision can take on a myriad of forms from barcode and 2D code reading through printed character verification to object sizing, defect and contamination detection and product orientation and position determination for robotics.

In order to minimise the cost and engineering yet maximise the benefits to clients, we have developed a product to integrate inspection products using configuration as opposed to programming – synTI®, (synchronised Total Inspection).  This product normally has at least one vision system at its core, and can integrate to disparate printing and inspection devices such as printers, RFID read/writers, code readers, checkweighers etc.  It provides the users with an easy to use front end and can present operators with all the information that they need for the inspection task.  More information on this product is within the synTI® section of this website.