Optimal announces full integration support package for food, cosmetic and pharma orientated MES from FELTEN

Expert production automation system integrator Optimal has announced a full commissioning and support package for the innovative Pilot MES software suite from food and beverage automation software specialist FELTEN.

Working closely with FELTEN’s UK distribution partner P4A, Optimal has developed a flexible package of support and integration services that spans specification, design and installation of related process and control hardware from new PLCs, HMIs and machine controllers through to local support for all software system integration and ongoing maintenance requirements.

FELTENs ‘Pilot’ MES process management software has been used to improve production efficiency, increase quality and consistency, increase up-time and control production costs in a wide range of applications. Typical examples include NIVEA cosmetics manufactured by Beiersdorf AG, food flavourings from Symrise and pharmaceuticals from Boehringer Ingelheim, so there should be no surprise that there is a strong demand for it in the UK.

The key feature of the Pilot MES software package is its flexibility and easy application to any part of an existing production environment; the Pilot suite of modules can be used to increase production efficiency on just one production line, with no additional IT support, or on a plant wide basis.

It’s potential application is extensive enough to provide an easily configurable ‘Production Intelligence’ system for an entire manufacturing site, replacing manual systems or indeed expensive and inflexible MES style platforms from other vendors.

FELTEN programmers describe it as “the functional part of SCADA and MES systems, but developed so that it is so flexible and easy to configure that it can be applied to virtually any process situation”.

Martin Gadsby, a Director at Optimal underlines the excellent fit between the companies, ‘Optimal is both a software vendor and an automation systems integrator, we specialise in designing, building and commissioning automation systems for the food, pharmaceutical and life science industries, so finding an MES system that is flexible and has a great track record of delivering results in our key industry sectors of expertise is an excellent result.

‘We firmly believe Pilot is as useful to us in terms of the scope of application; allowing us to solve problems and challenges for our customers, as it is for FELTEN and P4A to have a reliable integrator with the capacity and expertise to take-on both small and large scale automation and software integration projects.

‘The flexibility of the Pilot MES system means that it can be applied to just one production line with a single PC or an HMI economically and deliver improvements, whereas its scope also means it can be used to link production on a very large site to other management information systems without the high cost of more traditional MES systems from larger vendors.

‘In providing a full integration support package, Optimal is aiming to ensure that Pilot can be used effectively in the UK to increase process efficiency by providing accurate data and management of process functions, thereby reducing production costs and improving output levels, which is exactly what the market is looking for right now.’ Martin Gadsby concludes, ‘Our application experience allows UK companies to specify with confidence both in terms of successful integration and ongoing support.’

Optimal HQ system integrator for FELTEN Pilot MES in the UK

Photo Captions

Picture 1: Optimal system integrator for FELTEN Pilot MES.

Picture 2: Optimal HQ system integrator for FELTEN Pilot MES in the UK