For many years we have been involved in MES and MIS, (Manufacturing Execution/Information Systems), using a range of products from various vendors including AspenTech, Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Wonderware.  Additionally we have developed bespoke systems tailored to client’s specific needs using either SCADA systems else DotNet technologies.  At first glance a bespoke system may not be a first choice, but on reflection, for the right application standard hardware and software can be put together in a very clever but easily maintained way to deliver a cost effective, reliable, customer focussed and maintainable solution. 

Solutions have been broad ranging and include those for process optimisation, product track and trace, machine operational efficiency optimisation, (OEE), dispensaries, workflow and batch records.  We have not always used just one specific product on all of these – where acceptable to our client we apply the best technology to suit the specific requirement.  MES projects can be extremely successful and deliver the promised paybacks, but the route to implementation success is scattered with mines.  For successful project delivery, as a team we need to:

  1. Clearly define the project’s objectives
  2. Sensibly determine the project’s payback period
  3. Clearly and precisely detail the way in which the objectives are to be achieved
  4. Using in-house knowledge determine all the “what ifs” and determine the way in which each of these is to be handled
  5. Involve all key personnel - both technical and users
  6. Definition a structured, phased implementation
  7. Put controls in place to prevent scope creep

At Optimal we have a pragmatic approach to MES/MIS, as we believe that at the end of the day the tools are simply automation technologies that have to be applied in a way that fulfils your requirements in a pragmatic and cost effective manner.

Summary of Core MES & MIS Technologies

  1. Aspentech’s Product Suite
  2. Siemens SimaticIT
  3. GE’s Proificy
  4. Tailored system using DotNet
Legacy MES upgrade