Life Science


The operation of Micronisers is a ‘black art’ to many people, and so it is perhaps very surprising and a credit to Optimal to have automated several units, all with containment – some to an extremely high level.  Systems supplied include machines with semi-automatic and fully automatic controls, new build and refurbished.  Systems have ranged from those with very traditional push button controls through systems with HMI interfaces to those with full-blown Client Server SCADA.

One of the more recent systems used a Siemens S7 300 at its heart and due to the hazardous classification of the suite the operator interface was a suitably rated unit from Stahl.  The system monitored and controlled all key parameters not only of the mill itself but also the co-mill feed system and the outfeed weigh and docking system.  This was a new build system and so all the FAT testing was executed at the machine builder’s factory with full on site qualification being executed after installation and commissioning.