New synTQ® V4.0 brochures

New brochures describe complete synTQ® V4.0 process analytical technology implementation suite

Optimal Industrial Automation has produced a new set of brochures describing the features, benefits and range of application for all the modules in synTQ® V4.0, its newly released software suite for process analytical technology (PAT) implementation in the life sciences, food and petrochemical sectors.
synTQ® V4.0 is this first comprehensive offering designed to provide companies with a single, robust and proven software platform to develop, deploy and manage PAT from the research laboratory to their global production networks.

The modular structure of the synTQ® platform allows users to select the functionality best suited to their specific needs, allowing a quick and cost effective implementation, with the confidence that it will always be possible to upgrade or add additional capabilities without the need to revise or rebuild existing data structures.

Currently, synTQ® V4.0 comprises the following modules, each of which is described in detail in the new brochure pack:

• synTQ® Lite. A cost-effective, entry-level PAT implementation manager that can be deployed on any single instrument system, whether in the development lab or on the shop floor.

• synTQ® Flexible Manufacturing. A fully capable, flexible PAT implementation solution that can be deployed on any number of instruments and processes.

• synTQ® Reporting Services. An application that allows the creation of printed and web based PAT reports from data stored within the synTQ database, this being independent of plant level real time synTQ systems. The system allows plant management, operators and R&D engineers full visibility into current and historical process performance, without disrupting the real-time control of production.

• synTQ® Enterprise Master. A comprehensive, web-enabled server that allows companies to connect and coordinate multiple separate real time synTQ® applications with centralised storage and data management. synTQ® Enterprise Master is designed for the modern global manufacturing supply chains, where process owners may wish to manage manufacturing at multiple owned or supplier sites.

In addition, an overview brochure provides a detailed introduction to the capabilities of the complete synTQ® V4.0 suite, for users unfamiliar with the system, or those new to the concept of PAT implementation management.

"synTQ® V4.0 has been created to meet two pressing - and often conflicting - challenges in modern production environments," says Optimal Sales and Marketing Director, Martin Gadsby.
"To gain a far greater degree of control over manufacturing processes, while managing an increasingly widely distributed production footprint. The modular design of the system means companies have a clear path through PAT development from the research laboratory to their global production networks. These new brochures have been designed to help our customers understand precisely what they need for their current and forthcoming stages along that journey."