New System Integration for Pharmaceutical Engineers

New System Integration for Pharmaceutical Engineers provides insight into latest technology and projects

News on the latest pharmaceutical automation projects from leading system integrator Optimal is available in a new publication, New System Integration, each issue of which covers a different aspect of industrial automation.

Produced by Optimal Industrial Automation of Bristol, this edition of the eight-page magazine covers some of the new builds, extensions, upgrades and refurbishment projects recently completed by the company. It is designed to be essential reading for engineers wishing to ensure that their ideas and plans will deliver on production, efficiency and reporting targets.

Good production values and content mean it is carefully written to impart genuinely useful knowledge to the readers by reviewing actual projects and assessing relevant technologies and techniques. For instance, this issue has a feature covering the re-engineering of legacy systems, a report on a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s increased productivity of 50% on a fluidised bed dryer, a thought-provoking look into intelligent vision technology, and a discussion on the practical aspects of Process Analytical Technology PAT.

For over a quarter of a century Optimal has been recognised worldwide as a leader in data management and PAT implementation, and as a premier designer, builder, installer and programmer of PLC, SCADA, MES and DCS control systems. It also enjoys a fine reputation for its expertise with vision systems, both for their development and installation. To read the New System Integration - Retrofit & Upgrading process Software & Equipment click here