New vision systems news from top UK integrator

The technology behind intelligent vision systems is developing rapidly and in some cases becoming easier to integrate with other technologies, but harder to realise; with increasing speed and accuracy leading to big data processing and management issues for industrial control systems.

To help working engineers keep up with developments, vision system integration expert Optimal Industrial Automation has published a special edition of its New System Integration magazine. This looks at some of the latest developments in the vision world, and is split down into a number of easy-to-read, but informative and authoritative articles.

Subjects covered include a review of what is new in vision, case studies that illustrate specific features of the technology or how real world problems were solved, and managing the large data streams generated by some vision systems. One article looks at synTI - software that has been developed to facilitate the integration and configuration of a wide range of production devices, including vision - in a standard way within both regulated and unregulated environments.

Geoff Norwood, a vision specialist with Optimal explains the reasoning behind the launch of the publication: ‘Not so long ago integrating all machine vision systems into wider control regimes was very labour- and skill-intensive. It required an in-depth knowledge of the application and a lot of bespoke programming, so was expensive, time consuming and prone to problems.

‘Now, vision systems are far more diverse and the availability of dedicated integration packages like synTI have simplified the process by orders of magnitude, even on high data-rate systems. Today’s simpler systems can also be quickly integrated at low cost with guaranteed results, making vision a more seamless part of the bigger factory automation picture. We wanted to update users on these subjects and so have created an easy to read and informative magazine.’

To read the New System Integration – Vision System click here to download it directly from the Optimal website.