Enabling Technologies

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE technology is all about monitoring your production equipment – be it a process or a machine, and in its basic form it simply provides all interested parties with salient information as to where productivity losses and wastage are occurring.  This information is normally provided in a way so as to make it easy for personnel to quickly identify the most significant areas of loss, as these are ideally the first areas to tackle and correct.  Over the years the application of OEE has been patchy in the UK, with some industries embracing it and others being slow adopters.  This situation is now changing as this technology is fast gaining recognition as a significant part in a business’s armoury of technologies that can significantly improve manufacturing profitability.  An OEE system can be applied simplistically and grown as your staff become more conversant with technology, or can be applied in a ‘big bang’ approach.  No matter how it is applied, provided that everyone is committed to acting on the information that the system uncovers then positive benefits can be made.  To discuss a potential application please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.