Chemical Industries

OEE System

A major chemical manufacturing client wanted to improve the productivity on 6 of his production lines, and employed us to install a cost effective OEE, (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) system.  He required local operator interfaces, very large displays by the line showing salient information and access to the data over his site wide LAN.  For this system we used a Siemens S7 PLC on each line to collect the data and then a single Siemens S7 data concentrator PLC.  All the data was then passed up to a single WinCC server package that was running the WinCC Downtime Monitor package together with WinCC Web Navigator.  The at-line displays were all clients of this server as were the large displays.  By using a 3rd party package comprehensive printed reports could be made to all interested parties.  The system has proved its worth by helping to improve the productivity of each line and so provide a tangible, realistic payback period.