Case Studies

Other Industries

Optimal has been automating systems for over 20 years, and through the years we have worked very successfully in many industries other than the ones specifically listed in this section.  We strongly feel that the cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques form one industry type to another can be of huge benefits to both our clients and us, and so we would be pleased to consider your project even if your industry is not listed specifically here.  We have always been in the business of delivering successful, high quality projects, and so if you bring us a project opportunity that is outside of our ‘comfort zone’, then we would make this clear to you and step back to let the project be executed by others.

Of all the projects in Other Industries that we have executed, the following are listed here:

  1. Car VIN Identification with Machine Vision
  2. Car Air Bag System
  3. Component Verification & Tracking
  4. Post Sorting
  5. Pallet Tracking System
  6. Aquarium Environment Automation System