PAT Product & Consultancy

PAT, (Process Analytical Technology), has the potential to make a paradigm shift in the way that products are manufactured.  Although primarily targeting the Life Sciences Industries, PAT is equally applicable to any process industry where there is a need to reduce scale up issues, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and get your new product to market faster.  PAT is one of those rare technologies that can give you all 3 requirements of a project that are normally mutually exclusive, i.e. you can have a product delivered faster, at a lower cost and with improved quality!

Optimal has been involved in PAT for some 10 years or more and has invested greatly in PAT technologies.  Within the PAT community we are recognised as one of the leaders in PAT data management technologies with our software product synTQ®, (synchronised Total Quality).  This has been designed to specifically target the need for data collation and management in a coherent and regulatory compliant way to enable the implementation of PAT.  synTQ® is totally scaleable from a single instrument laboratory system to a full scale process, factory or Enterprise based solution.  If you would like a Webex demo of the system then please do contact us.  Within this section we are covering:

  1. Our synTQ Software Product
  2. PAT Implementation Consultancy