Life Science

Print & Inspect System

Print & Inspect systems in relation to cartons have now become a standard product for Optimal, the latter systems being natural developments from the first.  For information on these we would like to refer you to the iPass® section under Standard Products.  We have also automated print and inspect systems for labels for various clients.  One specific project was for a blue chip pharmaceutical client where they wanted to print the label and then inspect it post application for multiple production lines.  The inspection task was the most difficult aspect of this project due to the label already being applied to the product.  For this application we used the self-contained, intelligent InSight cameras from Cognex, these being networked back to a central PC.  The PC used our synTI® product to integrate all devices together in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant way, provide a controlled gateway for camera configuration, the operators a view into the inspection tasks and to generate information for batch reports.  The system also employed Vignettes, and the system recorded the numbers of all the products produced together with providing an alarm if a duplicated were to be seen.