Enabling Technologies

Data Historian for Process Optimisation

A Data Historian can take many forms and in truth forms the core of many of the profitability improvement technologies that we are discussing in this section.  However in its own right it can assist with improving profitability in relation to the monitoring and control of critical to quality product and process parameters.  By collecting salient data during the production of a product and using a data-mining tool to turn this data into useful information, then you can derive information in relation to process understanding – this being the knowledge in relation to how your process affects the critical to quality attributes of your product.  This enables you to optimise your process and make multiple savings.  And by using other data manipulation tools to compare the historic production and resultant quality data of multiple historic batches then further process understanding information can be derived.  Standard control systems can provide you with these capabilities in relation to process data, however when PAT (Process Analytical Technology) techniques are added then you have to opportunity to also add real time critical to quality product data to your process data set, this greatly enhancing the opportunities.  To discuss a potential application please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.