Product Serialisation & ePedigree

As detailed in the synTI® section of this website, Optimal has a very strong, productised offering when it comes to anti-counterfeiting technologies.  In synTI® we have an excellent and flexible offering to resolve a key part of the challenge posed by the new regulations relating to product serialisation and ePedigree where products down to units of sale have to be uniquely identified and tracked from manufacture to the point of sale/dispensing.  We can offer solutions either in the form of pure software ready for you to install and fully configure, (synTI®), a hardware package where the synTI® software is pre-loaded on an industrial PC and supplied complete with a camera and associated lighting (plus a printer if so required), else a complete iPass® machine ready to install in your production line.  The synTI® and iPass® products can print and inspect uniquely marked serialised products down to unit level in compliance with GS1 standards at up to 400 per minute, and our open (to authorised users) database standards means that the data can be imported to your high level database package of choice.