Enabling Technologies

Production Scheduler

Correct production scheduling is critical to the efficient operation of a plant.  Depending on the process, a well-deployed, strategic planning schedule can make a very significant difference in the production capability of the plant.  Many plants continue to have their planning schedules set by personnel who know the plant, and provided such personnel intimately know the plant and continue to be available then this is not an unreasonable route to follow.  An alternative route is to install a production scheduler – this being helpful to an experienced planner and critical to a less experiences planner.  A scheduler has to have its rules applied, and of course in the first place those have to come from experienced personnel, however once done it will continue to apply these rules to the schedule to optimise the plant’s throughput even when your best planner is not available.  And although not immediately obvious, by applying PAT your production cycles become much more predictable, and this in turn helps the scheduler and productivity.  To discuss a potential application please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.