Optimal Industrial Automation

Ways to Improve Manufacturing Profitability

There are many varied ways in which manufacturing profitability can be improved, some involving automation and some not. From a high level viewpoint, in order to improve your business profitability there are really only 4 options, these being: 1. Increase Turnover 2. Reduce Costs 3. Improve Asset Utilisation 4. Create Sustainability This may seem to be simplistic, however when all is said and done, normally these are the only 4 top-level business profitability improvement areas. The way in which you make improvements in each area is to a large extent industry and process dependant, and profitability can be made without implementing automation systems, but usually, carefully thought out automation systems can target key areas and very effectively help to achieve the required objective. In broad terms, the ways in which you can tackle these 4 areas are covered ‘below’ in the “Techniques” selection and it’s associated more detailed drop downs. Furthermore, in the “Enabling Technologies” selection ‘below’ and it’s associated drop downs each profitability improvement technology is discussed in more detail.