Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017

synTQ PAT software brings continuous manufacturing to Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017

Process analytical technology platforms, such as Optimal Industrial Technologies' synTQ, are currently revolutionising the approach many producers are taking the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The same is true of biopharmaceuticals, with similar incentives of improved product quality, real time control based on product quality and continuous operations.

Supporting this trend in the industry, Optimal will be present at Proventa International’s Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017, taking place on 25th September at Zurich's Radisson Blue Hotel.

Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017 will gather key industry decision makers and academia together in Zurich to explore the latest technologies and issues shaping the future landscape of biomanufacturing. The overall aim of PAT platforms such as synTQ is to directly apply these new developments to existing processes, improving efficiency and output.

synTQ offers operators the capability to measure product quality attributes in real time, with the software equally applicable to development or full production it can be used to encompass the entire product production lifecycle. Product quality analysis is conducted in a non-destructive manner, with information fed into multivariate data models to achieve product quality predictions. Via closed loop control, this information is actioned in real-time to achieve automatic quality assurance.

This removes the need for post-production testing, slashing the manufacturing times for pharmaceuticals. Applied to biomanufacturing processes, synTQ specifically offers increased product quality and quantity from bioreactors, allowing manufacturers to deliver medicines with increased expediency. The efficiency and cost advantages are obvious.

Optimal, a co-sponsor for the event, will also take the opportunity to impart the wealth of knowledge it has gained implementing such systems in biomanufacturing operations around the world. Paul Gillham, Technical Sales Manager at Optimal, will be presenting The Practical Implementation of PAT on a Batch or Continuous Biotech Process at 12:30pm. The presentation will cover issues such as instrumentation selection, IT integration, required infrastructure and how to tackle real time predictions and visualisations to successfully implement synTQ. For those keen to implement PAT technology into existing biomanufacturing processes, it is not to be missed.

Martin Gadsby, Director at Optimal Industrial Technologies, added: "synTQ is equally applicable to batch or continuous processes, product development or full production operations. Biomanufacturing is a cutting-edge industry, and with synTQ, process operators now have access to a proven PAT framework that if correctly implemented, can increase speed of production and enhance product quality. We encourage anyone who is considering the shift to PAT to talk to us during the event, to define their optimum implementation path."

The Proventa International Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017 takes place on 25th September at The Radisson Blue Hotel, Zurich Airport, Switzerland.