Robotics have been added to our capability as it was a natural extension to our machine vision and SPM capability.  For modest sized SCARA, 5 axis and 6 axis robot projects, unless otherwise requested by our clients we would normally use Mitsubishi robots, although we would be pleased to use other vendors should there be a specific technical, financial or site standard reason.  For larger robots we would use other vendors such as Fanuc or KUKA.  When it comes to Delta 2 or Delta 3 there is a wide range of vendors, and a natural choice here would be ABB, Siemens or Rockwell although again we would be pleased to use other vendors.  These robots would normally be programmed by ourselves, and are usually integrated into a special purpose machine being designed and manufactured either by ourselves else by one of our partner machine builders.  The interface to machine vision systems is a natural one for us, the combination of robot and vision system making pick and place projects a natural application.  Having large workshops we are able to develop the and fully test the system on our premises, this making the manufacturing process much more controllable than would be the case with offsite manufacture.