Machine Safety & Emergency Shut Down Systems

No matter whether the target system is a discrete machine, a continuous process or a batch process, safety considerations always have to be to the fore with the systems designed in compliance with the local HSE requirements and the safety directives.  Some systems can be simply stopped if a potentially unsafe state is detected, however for others this is not possible.  Take for example an exothermic batch reaction.  If the system action on detecting a potentially unsafe condition were to shut the system down – including the techniques being used to control the reaction temperature, then a potentially unsafe condition would have just been worsened.  For such systems an ESD, (Emergency Shut Down) system is required, this shutting the system down in a controlled, safe way.  These systems have to be designed very carefully in compliance with the regulations and demand the use of very specific hardware.  At Optimal we are experienced with the execution if risk analysis and HAZOPs, the determination of SIL levels and the design of systems to comply with the directives and SIL levels.