SCADA and HMIs have been a core part of our business for many years and their configuration and integration continue to be an important activity within Optimal.  Systems vary considerably in size, and activity, from small; panel mount text display HMIs through to large scale dual redundant client server SCADA solutions with many thousands of tags.  As well as safe area systems we are used to specifying, configuring and installing SCADA and HMI solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.  We have many trained engineers and are approved system integrators for the leading HMI and SCADA vendors and additionally have competencies in the SCADA and HMI types that are not so commonly seen.  Having been in the business for many years, the upgrading of legacy systems is a natural competence to us, and we can do this either by configuration conversion, (where possible), else by reverse engineering and re-configuration.  In truth most legacy upgrades are a combination of the two.  We are often involved in legacy upgrades where the old SCADA or HMI system is not in the list below, and so if you have an unlisted system that needs upgrading, please do contact us to discuss the ease with which the upgrade can be undertaken.

Summary of Core SCADA & HMI Systems

  1. Siemens HMIs & WinCC
  2. Rockwell HMIs & FactoryTalk View
  3. GE iFIX & Cimplicity
  4. InTouch
  5. Schneider HMIs & Citect
Legacy SCADA upgrade