Life Sciences

Secondary Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry has been core to our business for some 20 years or more, and we have gained considerable experience in the secondary pharmaceutical industries from small PLC systems through SCADA to large-scale DCS and MES solutions.  The applications in secondary manufacturing tend to be very diverse, and cover all control aspects such as discrete, batch, continuous, special purpose machines and machine vision.  Our experience in secondary manufacturing wide ranging and in depth – it is fair to say that there is barely a process within a secondary manufacturing facility from materials tracking through all process operations to final packing that we haven’t already automated.  PAT is growing in strength within this industry sector, and as we are able to offer product, consultancy and implementations for PAT then we are uniquely placed in the industry.  And when these skills are added to our in-house ATEX, ESD together with mechanical & electrical design, build plus installation capability then our total offer is hard to be beaten.