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synTI for Product Serialisation

Product serialisation is being driven by the requirements of several countries and States in the USA, and is all to do with making each and every product, at the saleable level, unique and fully traceable from the point of manufacture to the point where it is bought or dispensed.  The objectives are to cut down on counterfeiting and grey imports.  We can only offer the starting point whereby each and every product is uniquely marked and verified as being correctly marked, all this data being made available to a supervisory system and thence to a global database supplied by others.  A global database is required as the product that you manufacture may be bought or dispensed anywhere in the world, and there are companies specialising in this service.  Product serialisation is achieved by adding the appropriate software and hardware module to our standard synTI® product, and in this way we can either receive else generate thousands of unique codes that are compliant to your client’s specific needs, print them onto your product and verify that they are not only printed correctly but also that each and every code is unique, in real time.  At the end of the batch all data can then be transferred to supervisory data management system that we can also supply, and from there to the 3rd party global database system.