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synTQ EM

synTQ EM (Enterprise Master) is the overarching server that is used to connect and co-ordinate multiple separate real time synTQ applications to bring all the data storage together in one place, this centralised data storage covering all data normally stored in the individual local synTQ databases.  Thus synTQ EM has been designed to provide harmonisation and integration of all your plant wide PAT data, including models, configuration data, Orchestrations (PAT methods), raw and meta data, spectral data and predicted CQA data.  Typically used in a distributed PAT environment, the Enterprise Master would usually reside on a client’s Corporate LAN and communicate via a firewall with the real time synTQ applications running on the Automation LAN.  synTQ EM does not in itself perform real time PAT functions, it is the synTQ system that centralises all your PAT data and provides a single point where data is collected and distributed and from which archiving onto a corporate server can be facilitated.  synTQ EM will interface to all real time synTQ applications, including applications with fixed Orchestrations as well as those with fully flexible Orchestration creation capability.  Therefore if your distributed PAT architecture includes applications such as synTQ Lite, synTQ FM (Flexible Manufacturing) or synTQ RT, (Runtime) then you are able to store Orchestrations in synTQ EM and then download the applicable Orchestration as and when required.

In Summary synTQ EM provides an application that allows the centralisation of all your PAT data into one place, simplifies the method by which data can be archived elsewhere and transforms fixed orchestration systems into fully flexible systems.

Please contact us for more information on synTQ EM – we would be pleased to provide you with more details and a demonstration.

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