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synTQ for PAT

Projects usually have 3 opposing parameters – quality, cost and timeframe - each having an adverse effect on the other.  It is seldom that you can have a product faster, to a better quality and yet at a lower cost.  PAT is a rare technology in that it has the potential to provide you with positive gains in all 3 areas, i.e. you have the potential to bring a development product to market faster at a lower cost of development and then manufacture it faster to a higher quality yet to a lower cost.  PAT won’t be applicable to all processes, however there are many that can be significantly improved by using PAT, and some of the payback times that we have been quoted by our clients are astonishingly short.

Originally developed for the Life Sciences Industries, PAT is equally applicable to many other process systems where improvements in quality, manufacturing time & costs and time to market are desired.

PAT is centred on measuring Critical to Quality Attributes in real time and then together with Process Understanding making real time control actions to continually improve your product’s quality.  Critical to Quality Attributes, are the quality parameters of your product that are critical to it meeting its design specification or operation – typical examples may be moisture content, assay, crystal size, granule size, product morphology, molecular structure, molecular direction of twist, viscosity, colour, taste, etc.  The Critical to Quality Attribute(s) of your product are very specific to you, and very often these are only measured at the end of the process, off line in a laboratory.  PAT is all about measuring these parameters in real time by means of specialist instrumentation, multivariate analysis packages, control systems and of course synTQ®.  synTQ® is at the heart of a PAT system as it ties all the disparate pieces of equipment and software together to provide users with a vehicle for the simplified development and maintenance of process (and control) models in a regulatory compliant way.  Then in production it forms the framework to which all systems connect, and it ensures that all decisions are made in a timely and regulatory compliant way and that all the gathered data (which can be asynchronous) is used and presented to prediction engines in a cohesive way.

synTQ® is fully scaleable from a single instrument, single unit operation sized system (synTQ Lite) to a multi instrument, multi unit operation sized system (synTQ FM).  Furthermore a fully integrated PAT data management and control architecture using distrubuted PAT servers can be buit up with centralised model management and reporting, (synTQ EM and synTQ RS).  The various forms are described in this website, but we would ask you to contact us for more information on synTQ® and a demonstration of its capabilities.

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