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synTQ Lite

synTQ® Lite has been developed to suit the specific needs of clients who would like to explore the opportunities of PAT on a modest budget.  Designed for use on a single process, the system can connect to an instrument, multivariate package and control system of your choice, and we supply the system with a pre-configured Orchestration (PAT Method) that can be parameterised as determined by the user.  The system is essentially a restricted functionality version of the main synTQ® product line (synTQ FM), therefore all models developed within synTQ Lite are fully transferable to synTQ FM.  If in the future you need to change any of the adaptors to instruments, MVA package or control system then this is perfectly possible as is the opportunity to add to or upgrade the Orchestration(s) within the system.  Although synTQ Lite was first conceived as an introductory package for PAT, it has been used to good effect by many clients in the areas of product development and even on full production systems.

synTQ® is delivered already configured to suit your specific application with the appropriate adaptors and Orchestration in place.  The installation can be executed by the client, ourselves remotely else by us visiting your site.  Clients often opt for the latter, as they then take advantage of the user training option.

Should you ever want to upgrade the system, then provided that we have a remote access then this can be done quickly by ourselves from our offices.

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