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synTQ RS

synTQ RS (Reporting Services) is designed as a high level package allowing the user to generate a wide variety of reports based on data stored within the synTQ database (or databases if a distributed synTQ architecture is being used).  synTQ RS would normally be installed on a separate server from the main real time systems. This architecture allows users to generate their reports without any concern that the real time PAT performance is being compromised.  As the format and variety of the reports required will vary from site to site users can either order custom reports from Optimal or, if the expertise is available locally, users can create their own report formats using any reporting tool including Microsoft Reporting Services which is part of the standard SQL server install.  These two options give the user unlimited scope for the generation of all levels of reports from High Level Management Information, down to detailed batch specific data.  All these report generation tools allow your reports to be presented clearly and attractively enabling the data to be quickly assimilated and understood by the user.  Once reports have been produced they can be served up to users via a web server for viewing on web clients, PDAs etc.

In Summary synTQ RS provides an application that allows the creation of printed and web based PAT reports without adding load to your plant level synTQ systems.  The reports can be pre-configured or configured by the users, this providing a flexible way of turning your data into understandable information.

Please contact us for more information on synTQ RS – we would be pleased to provide you with more details and a demonstration.

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