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synTQ Shared Features

Vendor Neutral

All synTQ®Editions are designed to be vendor neutral.  Provided that the device requiring connection has a communications interface and a known protocol, synTQ®can connect to it. You are not forced to use any specific vendor’s control system, instrumentation or indeed Multivariate Analysis (MVA) package – you are free to select these, creating a “best of breed” solution.  And as your systems evolve, synTQ®’s multi-vendor connection capability allows you to easily add new instruments to the system taking full advantage of the latest and optimum MVA, instrumentation and control technologies.

Flexibility & Shared Models

The result of combining careful architectural design and many man years of PAT experience, all synTQ®Editions can be used effectively with validated processes from laboratory scale to complete process or plant monitoring and control.  The Process Models and Control Models that you have developed on one version of synTQ®is directly transferable from one Edition to another as are the Orchestrations, (provided of course your system is sized appropriately).  Thus, fore example,  all of the development work that you carry out on a small scale system is fully transferable to a full scale production system.

Global Supply & Support

Optimal and Emerson Process Management have signed a Global Alliance whereby Emerson have committed to market and support synTQ®globally.  Emerson has declared synTQ®as being the 3rd leg of their automation stool – i.e. DeltaV, Syncade and synTQ®and this underlines the importance that Emerson is placing on synTQ®.  This means that synTQ®is now not only the most technically competent product in the marketplace but can also be installed with complete confidence that it is backed by one of the world’s largest automation vendors.  But also of worth note is the fact that despite the close links with Emerson, the product will still interface to any 3rd party control system that has a suitable OPC interface such as Siemens or Rockwell, and it has been formally agreed that this capability will be maintained.

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