New version of ‘game changing’ PAT enabling pharmaceutical production software synTQ V5.0 from Optimal will be previewed at ACHEMA 2015

This year visitors to ACHEMA 2015 will be able to preview the latest V5.0 version of Optimal Industrial Automation’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) knowledge management software, synTQ, at stand P42, hall 4.2.

‘Highly significant within the pharmaceutical industry at present with several of the global major manufacturers standardising on the software, synTQ is at the forefront of a paradigm shift currently occurring in pharmaceutical production. The move towards continuous manufacture and real-time release has the potential to massively reduce both drug development time and production cycle times whilst improving product quality.’

Attendees at Optimal’s stand will be able to experience first-hand the software package driving the latest trend that is revolutionising the industry. synTQ can be equally applied to continuous and batch production processes, offering real-time product quality predictions, automated quality assurance and a closed loop control capability to slash production times and enable vast cost savings for many process industries including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The software has been quickly adopted by many of the global majors, as synTQ provides benefits from lab development right through to the production process. The capability to interface to your favoured instruments, MVA package plus control system and then predict and control multiple product quality attributes in real time delivers the perfect combination of increased product quality using a reduced manufacturing footprint, enabling PAT to fulfil its promised benefits to big pharma.

Optimal has over 25 years of worldwide experience in providing manufacturing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. After lengthy consultation with end users, synTQ v5.0 represents the culmination of Optimal’s specialist expertise and the operational demands of the industry itself.

What’s new for V5.0

A number of new features have been implemented in V5.0. Firstly, a new user dashboard makes for a contemporary look and feel bringing rapid and intuitive control for end users, including compatibility with the latest touch screen HMIs. Also included are a number of developments added following consultations with end users, such as a copy and paste function for orchestrations. Further developments in the architecture of the software further increases the speed of real-time data handling and client multitasking, bolstering the performance of synTQ and cementing its place as the fastest product of its type on the market.

Existing users of synTQ V4 wishing to upgrade will have access to migration tools, to smooth reimplementation of the software at all production and development levels.

All in all, V5.0 aims to apply practical process knowledge to optimise the ease of access to real-time information for end users, providing exactly the visual and numerical information required at the optimum time.

synTQ V5.0 has been designed with a high degree of future proofing, allowing the software to act as a robust and flexible platform from which users can expand their business with confidence over the coming years. Ultimately, this most beneficial of technologies heralds a new age of higher availability for consumers, enabled by reduced time to market and increased development and production efficiency.

Martin Gadsby, Director of Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd, comments “There is no doubt that Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is the key emergent process technology that is allowing the pharmaceutical industry to make the step change from the stricture of slow, inefficient and cumbersome production techniques to more advanced batch production or fully integrated regulatory compliant continuous production techniques. SynTQ V5.0 is the latest chapter in this step change.”

To experience the future of drug development and production visit Optimal’s stand P42, hall 4.2, at Messe Frankfurt, 15 - 19 June 2015, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.