Optimal Industrial Automation


Our core business is the delivery of automation systems, and in order to execute our functions correctly and respond to market needs our automation skill set is extremely (and unusually) varied, diverse and flexible. Our skilled and trained staff are able to design, build or modify virtually any open control system be it PLC, DCS, SCADA, MES, robotics or vision system based or indeed designed using high level languages and databases. We have in-house skills to cover all of these technologies, and the skill base and experiences of our engineers means that we are extremely well placed to upgrade legacy systems. Very often legacy upgrades require not only the working knowledge of the new automation system but also the knowledge relating to the legacy system together with the skill to reverse engineer the old system. These activities are very relevant to our business. Couple this skill set to our unparalleled skill set and product offering in relation to PAT data management and you have, we would suggest, a unique automation company.

Visit the website of our sister company Optimal Industrial Technologies, at https://optimal-tech.co.uk/